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Hello everyone
Welcome to the Krempoli Website.

You might be wondering where you ended up so let us tell something about us.

We are a mixture between a kindergarden, playground, farm and elementary school. Kids come here after school, to hang out, build huts, play with our sheep, make a fire, paint pictures, do handicrafts, science projects and everything else they can think of.

That said, here are some facts you might be interested in:

-Coming here is free for eyery child between the ages of 5 and 15.

-Our opening times are Tuesday till Friday from 2pm to 7pm during summertime and 2pm to 6pm during wintertime.
On Saturday we're open from 11am to 4pm.
During school holiday we open from 9am to 7pm during summertime and from 9am to 6pm during wintertime.

-We always provide drinks and snacks (fruits/vegetables); during school holidays we also have real lunch (vegetarian/ no-pork available)